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Low Sperm Count – Oligospermia

Low Sperm Count – Oligospermia

A male is said to have a low sperm count if the number of sperms in one ejaculation is lower than expected of normal. In real life figures, semen with less than 15 million sperms/ml is considered to be of low in sperm count. The condition is called Oligospermia. It doesn’t necessary mean that all men with a low sperm count are not able to father children; the odds are just lower.

Obviously, the main sign of a low sperm count is the inability to conceive a child and there aren’t too many other tell-tale signs for it. In many cases, a low sperm count could be the result of another underlying condition – it could be an inherited chromosomal disorder or a dilated testicular vein or any other condition which blocks the flow of sperm.


Sperm production is actually a very complex procedure and it needs the testicles to be functioning normally along with the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. A low sperm could be the result of a number of reasons.

It could be a medical reason, an environmental one or even one that results from the lifestyle. While Varicocele, tumours, prior surgeries, vein blockages and infections make it to the list of the medical reasons, the environmental factors list would comprise chemical exposure, heavy metal exposure, radiation exposure and also overheating of the testicles.

A low sperm count could also be resultant of drug use, excessive alcohol use, smoking, stress and excess body weight. Some occupations which involve prolonged sitting like truck driving have been associated with a low count, but as yet, there is no significant data available to support this notion.

Some of the symptoms

  • Issues with sexual functioning.
  • Pain in the testicular area
  • A decrease in the amount of body hair
  • A low sex drive

When to seek help?

If one has been trying to conceive for over a period of 1 year in vain, medical help must be sought immediately. Help must also be sought if one already experiences the symptoms mentioned here. Patients who had undergone a groin, scrotum or penis surgery need to be particularly aware of these symptoms.

If you would like to know more about a low sperm count or have queries regarding it, please do feel absolutely free to get in touch with us right away!

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