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Rediscover your smile and embrace a pain-free life with our Pain Clinic

Living with chronic pain isn’t easy or normal. Whether it’s because of an injury, surgery, or a medical condition, constant physical discomfort and pain can lead to many issues that can affect your quality of life.
From interpersonal problems, anxiety and depression, social and physical isolation, financial strain and dependence, reduced productivity, increased chances of income loss and unemployment, and prolonged use of analgesics and other medications – chronic pain can have a deep impact on your day-to-day life.
This is why effective pain management treatment is vital to help breathe new life into your overall health and create a cascading positive impact.
Dr Na’eem Sadiq, along with his team of pain management professionals at Plexus, have treated thousands of patients to achieve complete relief from migraines, tension and cluster headaches, secondary headache, body pain caused by injury, medical conditions, and surgery.

The Plexus Pain Clinic also provides personalized treatment plans for various spinal conditions that cause pain in the neck and lower back, including:

Ligament and muscle strain

Muscle spasm and tension

Scoliosis or abnormal spine curvature

Bulged or herniated discs

Damaged and ruptured discs

Injuries, falls, and fractures





Kyphosis or hunched back

Abnormal Lordosis

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