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Live a healthy, seizure-free life with advanced Epilepsy care

Epilepsy – a neurological disorder that leads to abnormal brain activity – is a common yet undertreated condition in India. It affects over 10 million people in the country across all age groups and genders. Epilepsy can present itself in the form of twitching, seizures, loss of awareness or consciousness, confusion, and a mix of other symptoms varying in intensity and frequency. The good news is that most people with Epilepsy can manage this disorder with anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) and lifestyle changes.
Dr Na’eem Sadiq and his team of specialists at Plexus treat patients with various types of Epilepsy with the goal to help them attain a seizure-free lifestyle. The key to effective Epilepsy treatment is finding the right medication and dosage.
That’s why at Plexus, our treatment plans are tailored based on your unique condition, age, frequency of seizures, and other health factors. We also focus on facilitating overall improvement by introducing structured routines that can help you better manage your condition.
While AEDs are an effective treatment for a majority of patients dealing with Epilepsy, we also offer other forms of therapy for patients who are non-responsive to conventional treatment methods and medications.
In the long run, effective Epilepsy treatment at Plexus can help you:
Minimize your need for anti-seizure medications
Lower risk of complications and emergencies associated with seizures
Reduce associated costs of living with Epilepsy
Improve your quality of life drastically
Increase your chances of returning to work
With our tailored treatment plans, children with Epilepsy who aren’t exhibiting symptoms can eventually discontinue medication and live a healthy, seizure-free life. Even adults can hope to discontinue their medication after 2-3 years without risk of seizures in the future.

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