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Get a new lease on life with our Hand Rehabilitation Program

Get a new lease on life with our Hand Rehabilitation Program
We use our hands in almost every daily activity we perform. Life with an injured, chronically painful or a disabled hand or arm can seem impossible. However, patients can significantly improve their quality of life and regain their lost identity with the right treatment.
At Plexus, hand therapists employ the best Hand Rehabilitation techniques to help patients recover functionality in their upper extremities and live as normal a lifestyle as they can. We assess your needs and aspirations, work with you to plan treatment goals, and guide you through every step of the journey.
Among the therapies we may recommend for you are:
Functional Strengthening Activities
Joint Mobilization
Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
Soft Tissue Procedures

Electrical Stimulation

Pain Management
Oedema Management
Scar Management
Dexterity Training
ADL Training
Hand Function Training
Handwriting Training
Nerve Desensitization
Sensory Re-education
Mirror Therapy
Custom Orthotics and Hand Splinting
Thermo Therapy
Injury Avoidance Education
Occupational Conditioning

Over time, Hand Rehabilitation offers multiple benefits, including:

Pain relief, especially for chronic and post-surgical conditions
Restoration of strength and mobility
Improve grip strength and grasp
Regaining nerve function and improve sensations
Eliminating the need for corrective surgery
Improve hand functions
Improve performance in daily life activities
Improve performance in classroom activities
Promote return-to-work
Improve fine motor skills
Scar management

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