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Heal your injuries faster with custom splinting and orthotics care

Heal your injuries faster with custom splinting and orthotics care

Custom Splinting

Treating upper extremity injuries – usually wrists and hands – can sometimes require the support of a splint. They’re vital in providing support functions, assisting or increasing range of motion, and immobilizing and protecting affected areas.

To ensure that you receive the most effective injury care, our team of Certified Hand Therapists at Plexus create customized splints by matching the right material and design to the specific injury.

We choose from a range of splints such as static, dynamic, static progressive, protective, corrective, preventive, and functional splints to improve your recovery time.

What gives custom fabricated splints the edge over commercially available splints are:

Customized to the needs of the patient
Adjustable for superior comfort

Improved range of motion

Easily removable for bathing, wound care, or gentle exercises
Made from low-temperature plastic and can achieve any desired position

Custom Orthotics

Mobility problems in your feet and ankles can slow you down or prevent you from engaging in day-to-day activities. At Plexus, we use prescription medical devices like custom orthotics to align your foot and ankle in the most efficient and comfortable position. Our therapists assist patients experiencing:

Arch or heel pain/fatigue during routine activities
Problems with balance
Lower limb injuries
Foot drop deformities such as hallux valgus/varus, contracture of toes, or overlapping toes
Conditions such as flat feet, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, neuroma, and diabetes

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