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Help your child navigate the world confidently with Sensory Integration Therapy

Help your child navigate the world confidently with Sensory Integration Therapy

Children with sensory processing disorders often struggle to function effectively at home or in learning environments. With Sensory Integration Therapy, children are equipped with coping strategies that help them adjust effectively to external stimuli, especially the ones that are beyond their control. They also feel less discomfort and fear, which helps them respond positively and even participate actively in their environment.

At Plexus, we have extensive experience treating sensory processing disorders with compassion and a goal-oriented approach. Our occupational therapists will work with your child to understand their needs and design a customized sensory diet to cater to those needs. We also record their progress every week and modify the program as necessary.

Our Sensory Parks in Bangalore and Hyderabad centers are typically designed to help children with Sensory Processing Disorder develop key life skills, such as communication, coordination, self-organization, and sensory-management. Our occupational therapists work with the children in our parks to:

  • Provide a safe and relaxing space for the children to calm down
  • Allow to become more aware of their senses and their environment through specially designed toys and equipment
  • Give a place to interact with other children and improve social and communication skills
  • Increase awareness of surroundings and help cope with real-life situations where concentration is required
  • Provide a nurturing space to hone fine motor skills and practice movement
  • Help to process experiences and cope in situations where reactions might otherwise become extreme

Our sensory parks include facilities, such as:

We also provide scented clay, frozen toys, bubble snakes, trampolines, swings, stuffed animals, and more to help children overcome the symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder.

Benefits of a Sensory Park

Children who undergo a course of Sensory Integration Therapy at Plexus learn a variety of techniques to help them:

Anticipate the outcome of an action
Process sensory input correctly
Minimize input intolerances
Minimize negative physical reactions
Reduce sensory defensiveness
Eliminate the fear response
Create physical equilibrium
Have an accurate sense of space
Develop positive behavior patterns
Participate in play and social activities

Over time, your child will experience multiple benefits from Sensory Integration Therapy, including:

Regulation of sensory system
Efficient processing of sensory inputs
Effective adjustment to and exploration of environments
Independence with activities of daily living
Better functionality with recreational activities

Better motor planning ability

Better participation at home, school, and elsewhere

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