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Life changes drastically as we grow older. When aging, an individual experiences changes physically, mentally, and socially – with many emerging limitations affecting day-to-day life. Naturally, their healthcare needs evolve over time.
The way older individuals exhibit diseases and respond to treatment and therapy is very different from younger adults. They may be more sensitive to certain medications or may respond differently to the same treatment over time. They are also at greater risk of developing more complications as compared to younger adults.

Geriatric healthcare experts like Dr Na’eem Sadiq and his team at Plexus understand the unique factors associated with treating older patients. And that’s why, we create personalized treatment plans that help older adults prevent, treat, and manage diseases and disabilities that often come hand-in-hand with advancing age.

At Plexus, our Geriatric Care isn’t restricted to medical advice and treatment. We also go the extra step to cater to their emotional needs and provide holistic care that also considers mental health in the picture.

Our team of experienced professionals can improve your quality of life by helping you manage common age-related conditions such as:
Alzheimer’s Disease
Parkinson’s Disease
Sleep Disorders
Fractures and Injuries
Cognitive Impairment
Anxiety Disorder
The geriatric care treatment plans at Plexus are designed to empower older adults to live life with independence and improve their overall quality of life by managing illnesses and age-related conditions on time and preventing further complications.

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