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Speak your mind without hesitation with Speech and Language Therapy

Communication is the bedrock of socializing – be it in the classroom, the workplace, at home, or in any other situation that warrants personal interaction. Speech and Language Disorders can often hamper this ability to communicate and affect many aspects of life.
But with time and the right therapy, these Speech and Language Disorders can be managed with ease.

Speech Disorders

Our world-renowned Dr Na’eem Sadiq and his team of experienced speech therapists at Plexus treat a wide range of disorders that impact speech abilities, including:

Apraxia of Speech
Cerebral Palsy

Stammering and Stuttering

Voice Disorders
Articulation and Phonological Disorders

Language Disorders

Our experts also work with people of all ages and treat receptive, expressive, and cognitive-communication disorders that affect language functions.

What our patients say

Rewrite your story with Speech and Language Disorder Therapy

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