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Keep mealtimes safe for your loved ones with Swallowing Therapy

Do you or your loved one have any symptoms, such as difficulty chewing solid foods, having residue in mouth after swallowing, feeling of food being stuck, or experiencing coughing, choking, and gagging?

Swallowing requires a series of coordinated actions from a multitude of muscles and nerves. Individuals with neurological conditions such as Cerebral Palsy and Stroke often experience difficulty swallowing, known as Dysphagia. It can range from excess saliva production to choking while eating, including aspiration pneumonia.

At Plexus, our highly trained therapists offer both children and adults the best Swallowing Therapy program in Bangalore and Hyderabad. We work closely to increase their control of oral intake safety by lowering risk of aspiration and maintaining quality of life. Our team thoroughly understands their needs and tracks progress to improve swallowing skills with each session.

We employ a variety of advanced techniques to increase their mobility, timing, coordination, and muscle strength, including:

Dietary changes
Eating position modifications
Feeding tube usage
Oromotor exercises
Postural Training
Stretching Exercises
Gait Training
Activities of Daily Living Training
Pre-academic Skills Training
Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy
Hand Function Training
Handwriting Training
Adaptive and Assistive Technology Training
Corrective Splinting
Contracture Release Therapy
Constraint-induced Therapy
Mirror Therapy

Swallowing troubles in adults can arise from neurological conditions such as Stroke and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). With Swallowing Therapy, patients can increase comfort and confidence while eating and drinking, ability to consume less restricted food textures, and improved safety (reducing or eliminating the risk of aspiration).

Whereas, children can face difficulty with feeding and swallowing due to oral motor-based weakness, sensory issues, increased tone, and uncoordinated breathing. Swallow Therapy utilizes a variety of techniques, including positioning, myofascial release, oral sensory motor exercises, mealtime strategies, and progression of food textures. This helps to develop the ability to consume a variety of foods safely and with ease.
Over time, consistent rehabilitation enables the patient to:
Control and manage pain levels
Acquire self-sufficiency with daily tasks like eating, bathing, or dressing
Move around independently
Improve their social interaction skills
Participate in education and learning activities
Manage any associated health conditions
Become confident and self-reliant

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Don't let swallowing troubles stop you from eating your favorite food

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