Stem cell therapy treatment in india

Stem cells are progenitor cells that can differentiate into specialized cells and multiply into new ones. They move to targeted areas, transform into characteristic cells of tissues (muscles or nerves), and replace damaged cells. Under the right conditions in the body or a laboratory, stem cells divide to form more cells called daughter cells. These daughter cells either become new stem cells (self-renewal) or become specialized cells (differentiation) with a more specific function, such as blood cells, brain cells, heart muscle cells, or bone cells. Apart from stem cells, no other cell in the body has the natural ability to generate new cell types. With advancements in medical science, we can now extract, artificially grow, and transplant them into the body to treat neurodegenerative and autoimmune disorders. This development has served as a new ray of hope for scores of patients suffering from debilitating illnesses.  

About Stem Cell Therapy and how it works

Stem Cell Therapy is a form of regenerative medicine that utilizes the body’s natural healing mechanism to treat a variety of medical conditions. This form of therapy is designed to repair the damaged cells within the body by reducing inflammation and modulating the immune system. It helps to treat various autoimmune, inflammatory, neurological, and orthopedic conditions, and traumatic injuries such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, ALS, and Stroke recovery.
Stem Cell Therapy

While Stem Cell Therapy does not necessarily provide a cure for the conditions, the premise is to allow the body to heal itself well enough to mitigate the symptoms of the condition for longer periods. In many cases, this effect can substantially increase the quality of life for patients as well as delay disease progression. Overall, it has shown a lot of promising results all over the world, thanks to the amazing and unique features of stem cells. Stem cell treatment is safe, speedy, and often completed within a day or two.

Types of stem cells used for Stem Cell Therapy

There are two types of stem cells used in Stem Cell Therapy that helps to treat various neurodegenerative and autoimmune disorders, which includes:

Autologous therapy In this form of therapy, patients are treated using stem cells derived from their own bone marrow or adipose (fat) tissues

Allogeneic therapy Contrary to Autologous Therapy, patients are treated with stem cells derived from donors

Stem Cell Therapy procedure at Plexus

At Plexus, we only provide autologous Stem Cell Therapy. With cells obtained from the patient’s own blood, bone marrow, or fat, it is a safe procedure that ensures zero adverse effects. It includes the following phases:

1Extensive session on the history of the patient followed by a thorough physical examination by a panel of consultants
2Detailed blood examination, disease-relevant X-rays, and scans to ensure eligibility for Stem Cell Therapy
3Careful stem cell collection from the patient’s own bone marrow under local anesthesia the next day
4Selective sample separation and quality check of the samples in the laboratory
5Isolated stem cells are sent back to the hospital for the procedure
6Patients are discharged on the same day
7Subsequent visits are planned as per treatment protocol

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells contain natural growth factors that help accelerate the body’s healing response. It also helps increase the quality of life for patients as well as delay disease progression. The use of stem cells in regenerative medication provides many advantages in pain management and other medical procedures. Here are a few benefits of Stem Cell Therapy:

  • Effectively reduces pain

Stem Cell Therapy helps to provide relief from pain and decreases inflammation associated with pain. It aims to repair and regenerate the affected region while producing pain relief effectively.

  • Minimizes post-procedural recovery

In a typical surgical or medical procedure, the recovery period takes a lot of time. With Stem Cell Therapy, the recovery time is minimal. It helps patients get back to their way of life as quickly as possible.

  • Increases functionality, range of motion, and flexibility

While Stem Cell Therapy provides quick recovery, it also increases the functionality, range of motion, and flexibility of the damaged joint, muscle, or alternative parts of the body. It helps patients restore their injured body part, to the way it was prior to the injury. tyghjkm

  • Helps avoid surgery 

Stem Cell Therapy is a non-surgical procedure. It does not require any surgical procedure to administer stem cell injections into the body.

  • Reverses injuries

Some injuries can cause permanent damage to the tissue, leading to an enormous amount of pain and frustration. With Stem Cell Therapy, damaged tissue can progressively regrow, reducing frustration, while providing pain relief.

  • Prevents nerve damage

There are surgical procedures that may result in nerve damage which, in turn, affect the mobility and functionality of the body. With Stem Cell Therapy, there is minimal risk of nerve damage. The stem cell is administered directly to the affected area, preventing the nearby nerves from being damaged.

  • Promotes responsible innovation

Stem cell treatment is an advanced innovation in the medical world that ensures safe and efficient results. The treatment is minimally invasive and non-surgical.

  • Lowers the risks of further complications

In most cases, Stem Cell Therapy utilizes biologic matter that is derived directly from the patient’s body. Thus, there is a significantly lower chance of body rejection or risk of complications.

Why choose Plexus?

There has been rapid growth in the area of Stem Cell Therapy treatment in India. WIth advancement in medical science and technology, Stem Cell research and treatment in India could one day replace the expensive, painstakingly protracted, and routinely ineffective conventional therapy, for treating a multitude of acute and chronic ailments.

Plexus is the best hospital for Stem Cell Therapy in India. It has a highly sophisticated stem cell lab that has 10+ years of experience in stem cell research. A team of skilled and experienced scientists and doctors provide advanced treatment and personalised care to effectively treat a host of chronic diseases. We are one of the leading Stem Cell Therapy centres in India with centres in Hyderabad and Bangalore. Our practice is evidence-based and follows international standards. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Stem Cell Therapy approved in India?
Stem Cell Therapy is undergoing extensive research in India.

What is the success rate of Stem Cell Therapy?
The success rate of Stem Cell Therapy depends on the type of disease and its severity as well as the condition of the patient.

Is Stem Cell Therapy permanent?
It depends on the severity of the condition of the patient.

How long do stem cell injections last?
Stem cell injections last anywhere between a few months to a few years, based on the severity of the condition.

Is stem cell treatment painful?
No, Stem Cell Therapy is a painless procedure.

Can stem cells cause death?
No, stem cells cannot cause death.

Are stem cells safe?
Yes, stem cells are safe.

How many stem cell injections are needed?
The number of stem cell injections depends on the severity of the condition.

Can stem cells reverse aging?
Aging is a natural process and not a disease. Nothing can reverse aging.

Can stem cells cure the immune system?
Stem Cell Therapy can strengthen the immune system and hence, improves immunity.

What are the side effects of Stem Cell Therapy?
There are no side effects of Stem Cell Therapy.

What is the Stem Cell Therapy treatment cost in India?
The cost of therapy in the best Stem Cell Therapy hospital in India ranges between INR 5 lacs and INR 10 lacs.

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