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Live an active, healthy lifestyle with a tailored Multiple Sclerosis rehabilitation program

Multiple Sclerosis is a progressive condition that leads to various physical and cognitive challenges. The symptoms tend to differ from patient to patient, and depend largely on the type of MS and the areas affected due to the demyelinating disorders. Multiple Sclerosis rehabilitation thus involves a tailored treatment approach to help patients be as active, safe, and engaged as possible while navigating their condition.

At Plexus, our team of experts offer the best custom rehabilitation for you to tackle symptoms, improve day-to-day functionality, and participate actively at home, work, school, and the community at large. Whether you have just received an MS diagnosis or are recovering from a symptom flare-up, we guide you through recovery and rehabilitation processes that will make you stronger and fitter.

Our comprehensive treatment plan includes:

Stem Cell Therapy
Functional Strengthening
Motor Relearning Program
Gait Training
Balance Training
Coordination Training
Hand Function Training
Splinting For Weak Muscles
ADL Training
Fatigue Management
Fall Prevention Training
Cognitive Retraining
Emotional Counselling
Speech Therapy

Over time, you will

Enhance strength, flexibility, and coordination
Pick up new skills
Improve your mobility
Gain independence in your daily activities
Be trained for further symptoms that may arise
Improve your cognitive skills
Improve your mental health
Enhance your general fitness

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