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Like any other organ in the human body, nerves too can malfunction and get damaged – a condition known as Neuropathy. This can be caused by diseases, injuries, deficiencies, or infections. In fact, Neuropathy can arise from many common disorders including Diabetes Mellitus, Leprosy, Connective Tissue Disease, Guillain Barre Syndrome, Tumors, Bell’s Palsy, as well as hereditary Neuropathies.
Neuropathy can be uncomfortable to handle and its symptoms may vary from person to person.
Some may experience tingling, pricking, and burning sensations, as well as stabbing or shooting pain. They may also have a loss of sensation that can result in painless non-healing ulcers, injuries, and burns. Others may have trouble holding on to objects, gripping footwear, using keys, or opening bottles – due to a loss of strength and imbalance in their extremities.

At Plexus, our neurologists offer relief to patients experiencing Neuropathy through comprehensive stem cell and medicinal treatment plans. Dr Na’eem Sadiq and his team treat various Neuropathies including:

We also offer advanced care for Bell’s Palsy – a temporary condition where only one side of facial muscles weakens and droops down – and provide a 100% cure for it.
That’s not all, the team of experts at Plexus provides a holistic recovery plan that includes pain management, physical and occupational therapy, lifestyle and dietary changes, as well as customized mechanical aids to help improve your quality of life.
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