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We are no strangers to diabetes mellitus. It is now a household name. Caused by an inherited or acquired deficiency of insulin production, this chronic disease usually presents itself in the form of increased blood sugar levels that affect your nerves, blood vessels, and many other body systems.

And with over 77 million Indians being diagnosed with diabetes, effective care and treatment are the need of the hour. Under the leadership of Dr Na’eem Sadiq, our team at Plexus offers exclusive and personalized treatment plans to help patients manage diabetes and its associated complications with ease. 

Our specialists deal with both forms of diabetes:

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Also known as high blood pressure, hypertension brings many complications but rarely exhibits any symptoms. When left unchecked, it can harm your internal organs and cardiovascular system, increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke, and death.

What makes hypertension treatment all the more vital for people with diabetes is that they are twice as likely to develop high blood pressure. Added to that, people diagnosed with both diabetes and hypertension are four times as likely to be at risk of heart disease.

To manage these risks and give you a better quality of life, our long-term treatment plans for diabetes and hypertension include:

  • Strategic use of insulin and diabetes medication
  • Introducing lifestyle changes with diet and physical activity
  • Helping curb maladaptive habits such as drinking and smoking
  • Managing other illnesses and side effects caused by diabetes

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Don’t let Diabetes and Hypertension hold you back

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