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Walk, talk, and gain independence with the best Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation Program

Walk, talk, and gain independence with the best Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation Program
Cerebral palsy Rehab

Living with Cerebral Palsy can be challenging, even for those with relatively mild symptoms. Cerebral Palsy rehabilitation helps patients, especially children, overcome those challenges, learn suitable coping mechanisms, and live their best lives. The earlier a rehabilitation program begins, the greater the physical, cognitive, and psychological benefits will be.

At Plexus, we take an all-inclusive treatment approach for Cerebral Palsy based on your child’s symptoms, needs, and aspirations. Our highly-trained specialists work with you and your child to design a custom rehabilitation plan that eases symptoms, maximizes daily independence, and enhances quality of life.

The treatments we recommend range from conventional options like strengthening exercises and manual therapy to more complex motor learning-based theories like Neuro-developmental therapy.

Our treatment program includes, but is not limited to:

Stem Cell Therapy
Reflex Integration Therapy
Developmental Therapy
Early Intervention Therapy
Postural Training
Stretching Exercises
Gait Training
Activities of Daily Living Training
Pre-academic Skills Training
Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy
Hand Function Training
Handwriting Training
Adaptive and Assistive Technology Training
Corrective Splinting
Contracture Release Therapy

Constraint-induced Movement Therapy

Mirror Therapy
Over time, consistent rehabilitation enables the patient to:
Control and manage pain levels
Acquire self-sufficiency with daily tasks like eating, bathing, or dressing
Move around independently
Improve their social interaction skills
Participate in education and learning activities
Manage any associated health conditions
Become confident and self-reliant

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