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Renew your zest for life with Regenerative Rehabilitation for Stroke

When the blood supply to the brain is suddenly interrupted, it can cause a variety of complications and disorders in the body. This is commonly known as a Stroke. Depending on the severity of the Stroke, the age and overall health of the individual, and a variety of other factors, a Stroke can cause reversible or irreversible damage to the brain.
Every incident of Stroke is unique and comes with its own set of symptoms and complications. While some people recover in just a few months, others may take years. When treating a Stroke, time is always of the essence.

That’s why at Plexus, Dr Na’eem Sadiq and his team of experts carefully consider the severity of the symptoms, the age of the patient, as well as other important factors before providing specialized Stroke rehabilitation.

Our treatment plans include a strategic combination of Stem cell therapy and medication, along with Physical, Occupational, and Speech and Language Therapy. We focus on restoring functions on the affected side of the body and improving the quality of life of patients with Stroke.

To ensure timely rehabilitation, the rehabilitation experts at Plexus dedicate the first session for a detailed assessment and diagnosis. Then, depending on the patient’s needs, they prescribe the appropriate duration and intensity of treatment.
With timely intervention and consistent care, our Stroke rehabilitation experts aim to:
Improve and maintain body functions
Minimize and prevent secondary post Stroke complications
Reduce existing and potential impairments
Improve the overall quality of life
Improve the quality of performance in daily activities

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