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Speech Therapy refers to the assessment and treatment of disorders relating to speech, language, and communication. Speech disorders occur due to a variety of structural and developmental abnormalities that affect a child’s ability to articulate sounds properly. Speech Therapy treatments can help a child overcome these abnormalities through a variety of exercises that target specific issues. 

Benefits of Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy helps children grow academically, socially, and emotionally from an early age and enjoy a more fulfilling life.
It helps them to:

  • Speak clearly and hold conversations with others
  • Develop a sense of confidence by overcoming speech problems
  • Eat and swallow safely
  • Distinguish confusing sounds in the case of Dyslexia

When does a child need Speech Therapy?

Children who demonstrate speech and language delays or disorders at an early age may benefit from Speech Therapy for children. Trouble with articulating word sounds, stuttering or cluttering, resonance disorders owing to obstruction in the oral or nasal cavities, receptive and/or expressive language disorder, aphasia, dysarthria, and cognitive-communication disorders are all signs that intervention in the form of Speech Therapy exercises is required.
However, the duration of the Speech Therapy for kids depends on the child’s age, the severity of the speech disorder, and the nature and severity of the underlying condition that is causing the speech disorder. While some conditions improve as the child grows older, others require life-long intervention and maintenance.

How Speech Therapy Works for Children?

Over the course of Speech Therapy, the therapist will work with the child through one-on-one exercises or group interactions to target their specific speech disorder. There are various Speech Therapy techniques available to treat expressive and receptive language problems, articulation problems, pragmatic language problems (where the child struggles to use language in socially appropriate ways), and others. A course of Speech Therapy treatment usually includes the following:

  • Articulation therapy: The therapist assists the child with specific sounds that they have trouble pronouncing. This usually takes the form of Speech Therapy exercises to move the tongue in ways that create those specific sounds.
  • Language intervention activities: A set of Speech Therapy exercises that build speech and language skills as well as social skills. Through activities like play-based therapy, picture cards, or reading books aloud, the therapist will help the child with their language skills and provide the necessary feedback
  • Feeding and swallowing therapy: Here the therapist teaches a variety of Speech Therapy exercises to strengthen the mouth and jaw muscles to make eating easier. These exercises may include facial massage, tongue exercises, and swallowing exercises

Why Choose Plexus?

Plexus is one of the leading Speech Therapy centres in the country. Our trained therapists ensure that they provide the best Speech Therapy for children in Bangalore. We pay attention to the smallest of details and take the utmost care to ensure that your child is benefiting from our Speech Therapy exercises and is speaking more confidently with each session. We also provide our patients with the best stammering treatment in Bangalore
Our team of best speech therapists in Bangalore have worked with children who have conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Autism, and Ataxia Telangiectasia, which have successfully helped them speak and even sing with a smile. Some of these exercises include:

  • Flash cards: These help children remember and practice sounds that they have trouble with remembering
  • Mirror exercises: The therapist may make your child stand in front of a mirror and help them pronounce each word very slowly and carefully. This is done so that your child will be aware of what one’s mouth is supposed to look like while uttering a particular word
  • Tongue exercises: Exercising the tongue is an important part of Speech Therapy treatment for practicing safe swallowing. Examples include pushing the tongue to the bumpy part behind the top teeth and then curling back as far as possible
  • Larynx closure exercises: These are highly effective Speech Therapy swallowing exercises. They include holding a deep breath while swallowing and then coughing immediately after (a supraglottic swallow), or turning the head while holding a breath and saying ‘ahh’ while breathing out

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are speech therapists?
Speech therapists are rehabilitation professionals who deal with adults and children having speech related disorders and/ or swallowing difficulties. They assess, plan, and treat conditions affecting speech, communication, and development of language or voice. They also specialize in the management of Dysphagia or swallowing disorders.

What is the cost of Speech Therapy?
At the best Speech Therapy center in Bangalore, the cost varies between INR 500 and INR 2,000 per session depending on the deficits addressed.

Does Speech Therapy actually work?
Yes, Speech Therapy is the most effective form of treatment for speech and swallowing disorders.

What age is best for Speech Therapy?
The best age to start speech therapy is when you start noticing the deficits in your child. It is best to schedule a consultation as early as possible with the best child speech therapist in Bangalore.

What are the qualifications of a speech therapist at Plexus?
Speech therapists specialize in adult neurological conditions, childhood disorders, stammering and stuttering, and Dysphagia management.

How often should I visit a speech therapist?
It depends on the type and severity of your condition.

Why should an individual consult a speech therapist?
If an individual has issues with speech, language, communication, or swallowing, then they should consult a speech therapist. At Plexus, you can get the best Speech Therapy for adults and kids in Bangalore.

Can speech therapists treat stuttering?
Yes, speech therapists do treat stuttering.

Do speech therapists perform surgeries?
No, speech therapists do not perform surgeries.

Does Speech Therapy really work for toddlers?
Yes, a speech therapist helps in achieving all the developmental milestones of speech and language of your toddler. At Plexus, we provide treatment from the best speech therapist for toddlers in Bangalore. Book an appointment today!

When does a child’s speech become clear?
A child’s speech becomes clear by 2.5 to 3 years.

How does Speech Therapy work for deaf people?
Prescribing a hearing aid, training for augmentative modes of communication, and training in sign language can help deaf people.

Is Speech Therapy considered special needs?
No, Speech Therapy is not considered to be special needs.

Does Speech Therapy help Aphasia?
Yes, Speech Therapy helps in Aphasia.

How to know if your child is speech delayed?
If your child’s speech development does not match the normal developmental milestones and differs from other children of the same age, then they might have delayed speech.

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