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Help your child achieve developmental milestones with our Early Intervention Program

Every child grows and learns at their own unique pace and achieves  developmental milestones such as motor, speech and language, cognitive, communication, and socio-emotional skills, but sometimes it can be concerning to learn that your child may not be keeping pace with other children of their age. These developmental delays can be due to genetic, prenatal, neonatal, perinatal, or environmental factors that possibly lead to a developmental deviation.

As long as you have discovered these deficits in your child at an early age, there’s a lot you can do to help your child meet these milestones and reach their full potential.

At our Plexus centers in Bangalore and Hyderabad, we have a specialized program – called the Early Intervention Program – to meet the needs of your child in the six key areas of development:

  • Physical
  • Cognitive
  • Communication
  • Social and emotional
  • Sensory and adaptive
  • Behavioral

Typically provided during pregnancy, infancy, as well as early childhood development, Early Intervention Program (EIP) consists of a range of developmental, therapeutic, as well as social services that can provide the much-needed support and guidance to children with developmental delays, as well as their parents.

At Plexus, we aim to provide timely, targeted therapy programs that focus on the all-round development of your child. These interventions can be remedial or preventive. Our Early Intervention program benefit your child with:

  • Timely identification of developmental delays and infants at risk
  • Accelerated developmental milestones
  • Enhanced acquisition of new skills and behaviors
  • Better independent functioning
  • Early detection and minimization of secondary handicaps
  • Psychological and social support to families
We use a multidisciplinary approach, combining a variety of therapies such as:
Speech and auditory training
Play and socialization
Stimulation-based activities
Parent and child counseling
Adaptive equipment and mobility devices
Motor skills intervention

Gait training

Orthotic devices
Functional skill development

Environmental modification

Adaptive equipment and mobility devices
Motor skills intervention
Where needed, we also provide medical and nutrition services as well as assistive technology.

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Let your child flourish with a timely, targeted early intervention

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