Amit Kapoor


Plexus is an absolute optimistic place where half of your problem disappears once you meet Dr.Naeem Sadiq and the way he addresses the issue. I have been taking stem cell therapy treatment from him for Parkinson’s since December 2017 & I have come a long way towards good health, confidence & positivity. I feel rejuvenated & my approach towards the disease has totally changed. I am regularly exercising based on physiotherapy & occupational therapy treatment i had undergone for 2 months. People have been noticing major changes in my symptoms & complementing the efforts. Excellent support team and outstanding doctor! Feels like a family! I would strongly recommend plexus... keep it up.

Divya Sunder


This clinic was referred to me by my friend and i couldn’t have asked for more. The treatment has helped my mother recover just in a span of few months. From something that she’s been struggling with for years now. It has made a world of difference to us. The doctor and the staff are very professional, cordial and treat us with great hospitality Thank you Dr.Naeem, you are brilliant and an amazing person too :) I would suggest this place as a go to, to anyone I know who’s suffering from neurological/ psychiatric issues.



My brother was came from west Bengal for treatment, he suffering for back pain and leg is not working 60 percent, after 10 days treatment now he is cure and his leg is working, thanks to plexus, I recommend go plexus neuro center, best of luck plexus

Noof Ab


I cannot thank you enough for the excellent care you have provided, for your expert care, and for saving my life. From the moment we met you, I certain God had led us to you. Words cannot describe how grateful I am. Thank you for taking such great care of me. You have a special gift as a doctor and as a person. Abdulrahman Sulaiman Alabdulrahim. Hana Misfer Almisfer

Ravi N


Very glad to see my dad back to life after a month of therapy. Thanks to Dr.Naeem and entire

Blessy Ignatius


Very professional and caring treatment approach. Well appointed and maintained facility. Friendly , Professional staff. The physiotherapist was excellent. The nursing staff and support staff were very helpful. Dr Sadiq excludes positive energy and clear direction with a customized treatment plan, and that gives me strong hopes for recovery/ improvement.

Najmus Sakheb


I Thank Dr.Naeem Saidq to treat my illness which was Bell’s palsy I was all ok within a month of time. It is the best place for neurology and stress relief. I would suggest all people to take a visit here. I had a great experience here. Best doctor in the town.

Sobhana Raju


It was a good experience. All the doctors were dedicated and co-operative. Because of their co-operation I got back my life. Before I did my daily routine with the help of my husband. But after the treatment of Plexus I alone doing my daily routine. For that I thank God and the doctors.

Sanjay Kadu


My 9 years old daughter underwent Stem Cell Therapy and we are seeing very impressive result on her overall development. Excellent caring from team and very much satisfied with all the way they treated was awesome. I would like to recommend this hospital for skilled doctors and professional staff to get the desired result.

Shazia Anwar


I almost lost hope that my mom will be able to walk again… she was suffering from slipdisc and nerve suppression. All thanks to doctor naeem Sadiq.. he treated my mom in just 5 days without surgery, nly with his unique therapy and medicines.. and environment and staff of plexus is really good…

Mahesh Pawar


Dr.Naeem Sadiq is one the best neurologist in india…. I visited so many hospitals but plexus has given me a new life… within 10 days I become normal…. I will highly recommend this place.

Rishikesh Dhadesurmath


One of the best hospital in the world, I would say and here Dr.Naeem treats the patient not the disease! He is the new hope! He treats you as a friend and guides you! And the treatment is very smooth and effective.

Manjunath Shetty


I am a patient of Dr.Naeem from times immemorial and patient of plexus from the last 7 years. Though I am no more a patient, but still I love to visit Dr.Naeem as high positivity energizes me. It’s extremely sad to see how patients like us don't value the efforts this doctor puts in making our life’s better. For a consultation of mere 600 rupees he spends his valuable time, energy and most importantly his emotion listening to our life stories. We may get bored of our life, but he tirelessly gives us a listening ear. We tend to give up at times but he doesn't give up on us. He keeps us going irrespective of what is happening in his own life. I respect, appreciate and salute the spirit of Dr.Naeem and of such doctors around me. I am so lucky to be associated with Plexus and its team. Thank you Dr.Naeem for giving me a new life.

Lolita Albishi


Peace and mercy of God), I came to Dr.Naeem Sadiq to cultivate the stem cells desire to have children because of the absence of sperm and I came to Dr.Naeem Sadiq, very wonderful doctor and treated very beautiful and speaks Arabic also and all nurses and assistance were very comfortable in dealing and respect between them and patient and ask God to benefit him and our based on the experience of one of my friends and was suffering from the same problem and thank God is now a new born and thank God and addresses all the diseases that are treated with stem cell transplant and thank you.


Case of Motor Neuron Disease,

I have come to Bangalore all the way from Delhi for Stem Cell Therapy. I was suffering from motor neuron disease from 1 year. At Plexus Stem Cell Centre,i have taken Stem Cell Therapy and i am quite satisfied by the result . At Plexus you will find the best physiotherapy & the result will be in your hands. Now i am going back to my hometown & i will continue the treatment guided by KASTUREE mam and KANISHKA mam.


Case of Cerebral Ataxia,

Hello everybody my name is Dilip and i have been admitted in Plexus for the past 3 months for stemcell therapy. I was promised a treatment percentage and i am really happy for achieving the percentage improvement in 3 months. Plexus has done a great job, everyone here are well experienced . I wish all the best for their future. I once again thank Dr.Naeem and his staff for doing an excellent job in treating the patients.


Case of Motor Neuron Disease,

Dr.Naeem is excellent in his positive approach which boosts the confidence of the patient. Very cheerful front desk staff. Professional therapists are doing their job excellently with cheerful face and lot of patience. I wish the team all success in their endeavours.

-REKHA PODUVAL Daughter of Jayalakshmi

Case of Parkinson’s Disease,

THANKYOU is a very small word. My mother has been suffering for years from Parkinson. The only hope we felt is in Plexus. Appreciate the support received from the doctor and the staff. God bless you all.

Father of Ashalina

Case of Cerebral Palsy,

We came here knowing this is the best Stemcell therapy centre in India and can honestly say that. It clearly is the best one. Excellent physiotherapist. Good luck to PLEXUS.

Mother of Pavan Roshan

Case of Muscular Dystrophy,

Thankyou to the Doctor and Plexus team for giving valuable life and support for my son. Am really thankful to the whole team of plexus because they spread the happiness in our lives by saving my child.

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