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Enjoy an independent life with the best Parkinson’s Disease rehabilitation

Enjoy an independent life with the best Parkinson’s Disease rehabilitation

A Parkinson’s Disease Rehabilitation program can go a long way in keeping symptoms under control and enhancing the patient’s quality of life. Our team of experts will recommend a variety of treatments to target different aspects of your health such as speech, mobility, and gait, and enhance them in tandem. The sooner a rehabilitation program begins, the better the results will be.

At Plexus, our team of specialists has extensive experience in providing medical, nursing, and therapeutic care to Parkinson’s Disease patients. We offer a warm environment where we work with each patient to understand their needs, goals, and capabilities as well as their family’s needs. We then design a customized Parkinson’s Disease rehabilitation plan comprising of Stem Cell Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, and Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy. This ultimately help them maximize their functional abilities and quality of life.

Our comprehensive programs include a variety of activities to aid patients at different stages of Parkinson’s, including:
Agility training
Hand function retraining
Functional retraining
Bradykinesia management
Rigidity management
Speech therapy exercises

Over time, Parkinson’s Disease rehabilitation will help you:

Improve function and mobility
Reduce rigidity and tremors
Reverse slowed movements
Improve gait, balance, and posture
Improve speech and handwriting skills
Maintain mental acumen
Maintain and enhance overall quality of life

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