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A Doctor with Parkinson’s Disease

A Doctor with Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is one of the most common and most disabling chronic illnesses that affects a person holistically. Right from facial expressions to a shuffling gait, it affects the patient from top to toe. What can be worse for a doctor who has spent about forty years treating and curing patients with multiple illnesses than to suffer from a crippling disease like Parkinson’s?

Dr N came to us with a full blown Parkinson’s plus syndrome. He had great difficulty in walking, multiple freezing episodes, history of falls, fixed gaze, poor hand writing and incomprehensible speech. Parkinson’s had affected his life and his role as a doctor. Due to poor speech output and illegible handwriting which was stricken by micrographia, his patients were having a tough time seeking for his consultation and advice.

A thorough google search brought him to Plexus. Here he underwent Regenerative Rehabilitation for a period of two months. Under this program he was subjected to regenerative medicine or stem cell therapy, intense physiotherapy and custom made occupational therapy and speech therapy. The physical therapists focused on regaining his confidence in walking by improving his balance and reducing the freezing episodes. The occupational therapists focused on improving his participation and performance in his daily life tasks and most importantly his handwriting. Being a doctor, handwriting was a major tool of his work life and regaining that was a challenging task.

Towards the end of the stipulated time frame, he was able to walk with great ease, climb stairs, his facial expressions and social participation improved, his handwriting became legible and he was able to write his prescriptions. Also his overall participation in daily activities improved and the influence of the disease on his life role as a doctor reduced.Moreover, the dosage of syndopa( a commonly prescribed drug for Parkinson’s) reduced by it’sone-third which was a result of stem cell therapy.


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Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqHfg2N5uD4&list=UU8MtFhGyjftCjOgqzfr8ulQ&index=18

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