I am a patient of Dr.Naeem from times immemorial and patient of plexus from the last 7 years. Though I am no more a patient, but still I love to visit Dr.Naeem as high positivity energizes me. It’s extremely sad to see how patients like us don’t value the efforts this doctor puts in making our life’s better. For a consultation of mere 600 rupees he spends his valuable time, energy and most importantly his emotion listening to our life stories. We may get bored of our life, but he tirelessly gives us a listening ear. We tend to give up at times but he doesn’t give up on us. He keeps us going irrespective of what is happening in his own life. I respect, appreciate and salute the spirit of Dr.Naeem and of such doctors around me. I am so lucky to be associated with Plexus and its team. Thank you Dr.Naeem for giving me a new life.