Here we have compiled all the questions that are posed to us by the parents of children with ASD. Through this blog, we hope to answer all your questions.
Q1. What is the appropriate age for taking this treatment?
A1. The earlier…the better. The best age is between 4-5 years but we have done for a 2 year old also. The earlier we intervene, the better the results and lesser the time spent.

Q2. Can the child become totally “normal”?
A2. The child can be brought to near-normalcy depending upon the severity of the problem at the time of intervention.

Q3. Does your program take care of all the symptoms of autism?
A3. Yes

Q4. Will the child start speaking?
A4. Yes

Q5.How long does it take to see the changes?
A5. This duration ranges from a few days to few weeks.

Q6. What does your program include?
A6. We offer an intensive therapy program which includes stem cell therapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy comprising of sensory integration therapy, behaviour retraining therapy, social skills training, cognitive behaviour therapy, pre-academic skills training, and intensive individualized therapy sessions that focus on the specific needs of the child.
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Q7. We have undergone different kinds of therapies. How is your program different?
A7. Our aim is to foster holistic development of the child through various means. We have a team of experts trained in Child Habilitation and the unique combination of various therapies which are customized for the child is what makes us different.

Q8. Brief procedure of the treatment?
A8. Step 1- Detailed Assessment
Step 2- Bone marrow aspiration
Step 3- Processing and isolation of mesenchymal stem cells
Step 4-Injecting the stem cells
Step 5- Simultaneous rehabilitation (if opted for)
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Q9. Is there any medication to be used before or after the treatment?
A9. No, we give only supplements.

Q10. Are the stem cells taken from the patient’s own body?
A10. Yes

Q11. Is MRI/CT/PET scan or blood test to be done before the treatment? Are these tests available in your hospital?
A11. All the required tests are available in the hospital.

Q12. How long does the treatment take and how long does the patient have to stay in the hospital for the procedure?
A12. The bone marrow aspiration takes about 5 minutes and the injection takes 2 to 3 minutes. The patient has to rest for about 5 hours after the procedure.

Q13. Is there any side effect of this treatment?
A13. No.

Q14. Are all the procedures/therapies performed in the same hospital?
A14. Yes.

Q15. During the procedure will the patient be made unconscious?
A15. No, only sedation is provided.

Q16. We have stored the stem cells taken from our second baby, can we use them for therapy?
A16. We can use them but we prefer not to.

Q17. How is the treatment given- is it surgical or non surgical? Is it one-time or requires multiple settings?
A17. The procedure includes stem cell injections. It is a one-time, non invasive/non surgical procedure.

Q18. Is the treatment affordable ?
A18. Yes.

Q19. What is the success rate of this treatment in ASD?
A19. The success rate is 100%.

Q20. What is the source of stem cells?
A20. Bone marrow

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Dr Na'eem Sadiq is a respected stem cell specialist at Plexus, and a prominent neurologist in Bangalore. He studied neurology and clinical neurophysiology in London, and worked with some of the most prestigious medical institutions in England, and the Middle East. He completed his MBBS at Bellary Government Medical College, and a postgraduate degree in psychiatry from NIMHANS in Bangalore.

Dr Na'eem has perfected his knowledge and expertise in Continuing medical education (CME), and training in tissue culture, Stem Cell Therapy, and neurology. Dr Na'eem Sadiq possesses an undying passion to improve people’s lives. This led to the creation of Plexus, a neuro and Stem Cell Research centre in Bangalore in neurosurgery, and neurorehabilitation.