Anxiety Disorders are a group of mental disorders characterized by feelings of anxiety and fear. Based on the frequency of the episodes — continuous, episodic, or situational — these can be categorised as generalised anxiety disorder, panic attacks, or phobic disorder. These feelings may cause physical symptoms such as palpitations (increased heart rate), tremors (shivering, especially of the hands) dryness of mouth, difficulty in swallowing (lump in the throat), restlessness, and reduced sleep and appetite.

At Plexus, we offer comprehensive anxiety treatment programs based on the cause of the anxiety and the patient’s personal preferences. The treatment path consist of a combination of occupational therapy, meditation, yoga, and medications.

Dr Na'eem Sadiq is a respected stem cell specialist at Plexus, and a prominent neurologist in Bangalore. He studied neurology and clinical neurophysiology in London, and worked with some of the most prestigious medical institutions in England, and the Middle East. He completed his MBBS at Bellary Government Medical College, and a postgraduate degree in psychiatry from NIMHANS in Bangalore.

Dr Na'eem has perfected his knowledge and expertise in Continuing medical education (CME), and training in tissue culture, Stem Cell Therapy, and neurology. Dr Na'eem Sadiq possesses an undying passion to improve people’s lives. This led to the creation of Plexus, a neuro and Stem Cell Research centre in Bangalore in neurosurgery, and neurorehabilitation.