Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Chronic Kidney Disease is defined as the progressive loss in kidney function over a prolonged period of time. The disease affects the kidneys by damaging its ability to filter excess fluid from the blood, causing waste to build up over time. CKD symptoms are largely undefined, and the disease can often only be detected through lab tests. Although there are other treatments such as dialysis and kidney transplants, recent studies suggest that stem cell therapy can cure many patients of this disease.


Diabetes is a common disorder that can be identified with symptoms such as increased thirst, hunger, frequency of urination, and weight loss. Other symptoms include rapid diminution of vision, symptoms suggestive of renal impairment, sexual weakness, and slower healing of wounds and injuries.

Complications of Diabetes:

  • Renal failure
  • Blindness
  • Complete numbness and burning of hands and feet
  • Impotence and problems in ejaculation
  • Heart disease and stroke

At Plexus, we have two program approaches to effectively treat Diabetes:

  • Stem cell injectionsHigh sugar levels are due to problems with the pancreatic cells that produce insulin. With stem cell treatment, we introduce pancreatic stem cells into the patient’s system that produce insulin. With this treatment, the patient need not take medication or other injections.
  • Revitalizing the pancreasThis is a 12-day treatment plan wherein the pancreatic cells will be revived and revitalized. In this procedure, we assure the control of insulin and aim to bring the sugar level below the 130 mg/dl range.

At Plexus, hundreds of patients have benefited from our treatment programs, managing to achieve 99% control over sugar levels.